UGT Renewables offers a complete solution for pioneers of clean electricity, seeking to develop a solar project or invest in renewable energy.

Led by our mission of providing sustainable but competitive clean energy, we have been developing complete and refined solutions for solar energy since 2009. Thanks to our technical expertise, supply chain capabilities and access to capital, UGT Renewables is able to deliver solar generating power plants at any scale with market-leading costs and efficiency. Whether it’s large-scale photovoltaic solar farms, commercial roof-tops, parking structures or energy storage, we identify these possibilities and transform them into reality.

For those looking to invest in renewable energy, UGT Renewables provides an insight into what it means to be a clean energy company, with a number of utility-scale solar projects already developed. With our development strategy aimed at building a balanced portfolio of utility-scale solar projects ranging in size from 1 - 50 MW, our goal is to meet the increasing demand from utilities for clean electricity at highly competitive prices. Our industry knowledge and expertise assist in securing government tax incentives, subsidies, grants, negotiating real estate terms and contracting long term power purchase agreements with local electrical companies.

From our experience, the key component to successful development is the partnerships and relationships amongst all parties involved. Our partnerships with the largest energy engineering/procurement/construction companies (EPC) enable us to create and follow the most economic pathway in efficiency and construction of renewable energy sites by selecting the optimal electrical generating components, contracting installation and maintaining real-time monitoring of the physical site. The relationships with project stakeholders can make or break a project. Establishing communication early on and throughout the development cycle is what has made us successful.