Turkmenistan: Solar PV and Storage System Project

Modernizing old and outdated power plants.

Improving the flexibility of Turkmenistan’s power system, UGT Renewables is developing new solar power plants in up to 10 different locations throughout the country. These new solar plants will allow Turkmenistan to be much less dependent on gas-fired energy and the price fluctuations that come with it.

Improving quality and reliability.

With an abundance of flat desert lands not intended for agriculture or other activities, Turkmenistan is positioned to take advantage of their enormous renewable potential. The solar PV and storage system project in development will provide a total installed capacity of 1,000-1,200 MW with associated battery energy storage facilities of 140MW/280MWh.

Empowering innovation, today and tomorrow.

In line with key principles of Turkmenistan’s National Renewable Energy Development Strategy, our Solar PV and Storage System Project will quickly transform the nation’s electricity generation infrastructure. Once complete, the entire system will be owned and operated by Turkmenistan, allowing the country to advance their expertise and become a regional powerhouse in renewable energy.

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By the numbers

Making an impact in Turkmenistan

7-10 Solar PV Generation Plants
1,000+ MW Solar Power Generation Installed Capacity
140 / 280 MW / MWh Associated Battery Energy Storage Facilities

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