Harnessing the power of the sun to change our world.

With a number of solar projects in progress, UGT Renewables is leading the charge of delivering clean energy solutions to Eurasia and Latin America.

Montenegro: Utility-Scale Solar PV Plants Project

UGT Renewables is aiding Montenegro in a swift, efficient transition to cleaner, greener power. Reversing decades of neglect and lack of investment in energy production capacities, the utility-scale solar PV plants and energy storage in development will help Montenegro create a brighter future.

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Members of Montenegro's EPCG and US-based UGT Renewables during the agreement signing

These projects are just the beginning.

Each one of our projects is a step toward a world with a more diversified energy matrix, stronger national grids, and easier access to clean, affordable energy. Whatever energy goals a nation aims to achieve, our solutions make an impact. We’re excited to keep working with ambitious partners to reshape the future of our planet, together.

Large solar panel installation in open landscape with mountains in the background