Bringing our unique model of solar development to Africa.

Sun Africa, a sister company of UGT Renewables, offers complete clean energy solutions for those seeking to develop a solar project or invest in renewable energy in Africa.

Our solar solutions know no bounds.

What UGT Renewables does for Eurasia and Latin America, Sun Africa is doing for Africa. Our sister company provides complete clean energy solutions to Africa, featuring our trademark technical expertise, supply chain capabilities, and access to capital. Sun Africa has a proven track record of delivering solar projects at any scale with market-leading costs and efficiency, with completed tentpole projects in Nigeria and Angola and others on the way.

Sun Africa develops solar projects for any need.

Whether it’s large-scale photovoltaic solar farms, battery energy storage systems, or transmission infrastructure, Sun Africa works closely with their clients to identify possibilities and transform them into reality. With the combined strength of knowledge and resources, Sun Africa efficiently leads the development, installation, financing, operation, and maintenance of solar renewable energy development, ensuring the timely completion of projects within program guidelines.

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A strong network makes a world of difference.

Sun Africa has partnerships with the largest energy engineering, procurement and construction companies (EPC) in the world, which allows us to select optimal electrical generating components, negotiate local contracts and maximize economic value overall. Their partnerships with world-class equipment providers allows them to create projects with superior quality and an increased lifespan, creating a low levelized cost of electricity.

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Sun Africa’s Angola Solar Project includes seven utility-scale projects, including one installation that is the largest utility-scale solar installation in Africa.
At 188.88 MWdc, the Biopio site in Benguela is the largest single solar PV project in Sub-Saharan Africa.
This site in Benguela, Benguela, is the only other project in the Sub-Saharan region in the 100MW range, outside of South Africa.
In four southern provinces of Angola, Sun Africa is deploying 728 MW of utility-scale solar PV, solar minigrids with battery storage, home power kits, and potable water, providing electrification to more than two million people.
In addition to 2 utility-scale solar projects, Sun Africa is installing 65 new solar minigrids, 205 solar power cabin systems and over 60,000 solar home systems in Angola’s Southern Provinces.
Sun Africa’s Utility-Scale Solar in Nigeria includes approximately one Gigawatt of utility-scale solar power generation, battery storage, distribution infrastructure, and an advanced grid asset management system.
Sun Africa is installing over 200 minigrids and solar cabins in some of the most remote corners of Nigeria, bringing reliable, affordable solar energy to rural communities that have never had access to electricity before.
Solar cabins provide between 50 kWp and 200 kWp of clean energy each, all without requiring the costly step of expanding the national grid.
Sun Africa is constructing a solar cabin pilot system in a rural, off-grid location in Nigeria, providing a modular “plug-and-play” solar power generation and storage solution that will inform and inspire future projects.
The U.S. Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington, DC, an event sponsored by Sun Africa that was held in December 2022, played an important role in further developing the commercial relationship between the U.S. and Africa.
Adam Cortese, the CEO of Sun Africa, attended the presidential roundtable with H.E. Joao Lourenco, the President of Angola. The dialogue that took place continued to position Sun Africa at the forefront of global renewable energy solutions.
During the Africa Business Forum 2022, the US government hosted 49 African leaders and the African Union in Washington, DC. The U.S. made deep commitments for equitable investment and calls for more African representation in global decision-making bodies.
During the Africa Business Forum held in December 2022, U.S. President Joe Biden captured the excitement of African nations when he said, “The United States is all in on Africa’s future.”