Serbia: Large-Scale Solar and Battery Energy Storage Project

Heralding a new era in Serbian energy.

Over the past five decades, Serbia has not put much focus on updating their outdated power infrastructure. The recent energy crisis has made matters worse. Now there are plans in place for UGT Renewables to provide a series of self-balanced utility-scale solar projects with battery energy storage, bringing reliable, renewable energy to every corner of Serbia.

Reinventing an outdated energy matrix.

Delivering the utmost flexibility to the Serbian government, the Large-Scale Solar and Battery Energy Storage Project being developed by UGT Renewables will be owned and operated by Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) once completed. Located throughout the country, these solar power plants will help Serbia improve energy security, avoid expensive energy imports, and achieve electricity independence at an affordable price.

Empowering in more ways than one.

The modernization of the EPS and renewing Serbia’s Energy Generation Portfolio will have a lasting impact on communities throughout Serbia. In addition to helping Serbia reach its National Energy and Climate Goals, local jobs will be created in fields including Surveying, Spatial Planning, Power System Assessment, Legal/Regulatory Tasks, and Project Construction.

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The electricity generated from the Serbia Solar PV Park will offset 1,900,000t of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) a year.
UGT Renewables Serbia Solar PV Park will be a 1,000MW solar PV power project developed in a single phase.
UGT Renewables Serbia Solar PV Park is a ground-mounted solar project, which is planned over 2,000 hectares.
By the numbers

Making an impact in Serbia

1,200 MWDDC Installed Solar PV
1,750,000 MWh Annual Generation
200 / 400 MW / MWh Energy Storage
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